Pamir Highway, Karakul, Tajikistan,


From the legendary road trip down the Pamir Highway to the dazzling lakes of the Fann Mountains, to historic Silk Road cities in the Fergana Valley, Tajikistan has a lot more to offer the small pocket of tourists who venture into the country than initially meets the eye.

If its unrivaled adventure you’re after, Tajikistan will quite literally take your breath away with some of the world’s tallest peaks, deep wildflower-strewn valleys, unconquered summits, the longest non-polar glacier in the world, and a warm and inviting mountain culture.

For Silk Road history, Khujand, Panjakent, Sarazm, and Istaravshan offer a more intimate track of blue tiles and ancient history than some of their more well-known neighbors across the border.

And finally, the Pamir Highway, an engineering feat, cut through some of the most unforgiving mountain sceneries on Earth connecting the capital Dushanbe to the Pamir Mountains and beyond is the mother of all road trips.

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