Shibam, Yemen


The Land of Milk and Honey, sat strategically as the narrow Bab al Mandab separating the Gulf of Aden from the Red Sea and squarely along the ancient frankincense route, Yemen is a land of wonders and mystique.

But Yemen has been racked with strife going on for decades and a civil war that officially kicked off in 2015 and still has seen no end. It’s not an easy or riskless foray to visit Yemen, but it is entirely possible.

So whether it’s the alluring Manhatten of the Desert in Shibam, the Sufi center of Tarim, the vast expanses of the Empty Quarter, or the stunning palaces of Wadi Daw’an you’re after, we can get you there.

Get in contact for arranging trips to this mystifying and complex land.

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